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Jaimie Kelton is an award-winning actor, voiceover artist, podcast host and author.

She is co-author of the book based on her podcast, If These Ovaries Could Talk, The Thing's We've Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family.


She is a Helen Hayes and SOVAS Award winner whose voice can be heard as Bo Peep in Syfy Network's, Happy!, as well as on many hit cartoons. She lives with her wife and children in Manhattan.


E~ Bradshaw
Co-host Season 10

E~is a gender non-conforming NJ business ow
ner,, where they coach & train students of all ages in the creative and performing arts.

E~ is a theater professional, public speaker, parent, and spouse. They have more than 50 television and commercial credits. Check them out on IMDB. E’s~ stage credits include, but aren’t limited to, Hartford Stage, NYTW, Signature Theater NYC, Actors Theater of Louisville, City Theater, and Milwaukee Rep. E~ wrote and performed their solo show White America Hero in New York and New Jersey locations.


Bits of My Soul is their first book of poetry, and Speaking Fearlessly - is a public speaking ebook. E~ is also a public servant who serves as a YMCA Board member and District leader in their community.


Finally, E~ has been burning up these TikTok streets with compelling and thought-provoking content. Find them @bradshawcreativeservices.

Robin Hopkins
Co-creator/co-host seasons 1–9

Robin Hopkins is a published writer, actress, podcast host, and former stand-up comedian.

She’s written for the NY Times, Mother Mag, Huff Post, and Medium, and is the co-author of the award-winning book If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family, about which Amy Schumer said, “I f*cking love this book.” That book is an offshoot of a popular podcast Robin co-hosted which garnered a million downloads with notable guests like Rosie O’Donnell, Michelle Buteau, and Judy Gold. 


Currently, Robin produces and hosts two podcasts; "Well…Adjusting" which is a comedic, self-help chat show where Robin shares "lessons from her crappy childhood." She also hosts a new Headspace original podcast about mindfulness called "Dear Headspace."

Robin Hopkins_headshot.jpg
Katherine and Nick copy.jpg
From Mom to Dad
00:00 / 53:04
Angela & Jess copy.jpg
**Hellp Syndrom
00:00 / 48:10
**Burning Nipples & Juicy Eggs
00:00 / 48:10
Joanne & Lara copy.jpg
Adventures in Transgender Fertility
00:00 / 55:47
Tiff & Carissa copy.jpg
Race & Donor Choice
00:00 / 48:55
Zee Mendez copy.jpg
**Magik 1
00:00 / 48:10
**Magik 2
00:00 / 48:10
Liam Kali copy.jpg
**Queer Conception
00:00 / 48:10
Amanda & Gab copy.jpg
**Fight the Power
00:00 / 48:10
Tiq Milan copy.jpg
A Queer Vision
00:00 / 48:10
**Big Transitions
00:00 / 48:10
Romaine Patterson copy.jpg
Romaine Talks Smack
00:00 / 54:15
**Iris Claps Back
00:00 / 48:10
Brandi J. Andrews copy.jpg
**New Traditional
00:00 / 48:10
**Story Needed to Tell
00:00 / 48:10
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