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How to find a surrogate. Do you ask your BFF?: A Deep Dive into Tiny Huge Decisions

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The Queer Family Podcast, the show all about family, but with gay ;) Join host Jaimie Kelton on her mission to uplift, highlight, celebrate, and normalize LGBTQIA+ families in ALL of our beautiful identities

This blog is written and maintained by Jaimie's make-believe assistant Helen. Jaimie doesn't even know how her make-believe assistant is writing this, but she is, so we're going with it. We hope you enjoy it.

Howdy, folks! Welcome to The Queer Family Podcast, where we rev up our engines to celebrate the beautiful tapestry of LGBTQIA+ families. In this episode, our beloved host Jaimie Kelton (don't tell her I called her beloved. She get's too sappy over that crap) revved it up a notch, digging deep into the complexities of surrogacy with the hosts of the podcast "Tiny Huge Decisions." I'm your guide, Helen, so buckle up and let's roll into the themes of friendship, family, and the hurdles faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals on their path to parenthood.

The Power of BFF's

Picture this – Mohsin and Dahlia, a duo who've been tighter than a biker's grip on the handlebars for over two decades. Their friendship, a steady anchor through the storms of coming out. Mohsin, wrestling with his identity in a religious Muslim family, found solace in Dahlia, the first person he trusted with the truth. When the talk turned to building a family, Dahlia, already steering her own ship, offhandledly offered to be their surrogate at a pary (I have a feeling there were many drinks involved, but you didn't hear it from me). And just like that, the "Tiny Huge Decisions" podcast was born from the sparks of these conversations and reflections.

A Surrogate and a BFF? Cultural and Religious Expectations

Now, we hit a few bumps in the road. Mohsin's Muslim roots and Dahlia's Christian upbringing added layers of complexity. In both their cultures, family and marriage are golden, and being gay? Well, that's a curveball. The fear of letting down their families and the weight of cultural and religious expectations cast shadows on their decisions.

Exploring Surrogacy Options

Time to cross borders into the world of surrogacy. Mohsin and Matthew discovered the UK-US surrogacy divide. In the UK, it's all about altruism – surrogates get reimbursed for expenses, no paychecks. Legal hoops? They're jumping through more than a few. A court order's the ticket to recognizing the intended parents as the legal folks.

The Challenges of Surrogacy Within a Friendship

Hold onto your helmets, listeners! We're all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the grand finale. Will Dahlia do it? Will she be thier surrogate? Mohsin, Matthew, and Dahlia are knee-deep in research, consulting experts, and diving into the deep end of their souls. Legal stuff, emotions, ethics – they're considering it all, including the ripple effect on their friendship and the future family dynamic.

Conclusion: A New Perspective on Surrogacy

"Tiny Huge Decisions" isn't just a podcast; it's a viewpoint shift on surrogacy. It shines a spotlight on the challenges that LGBTQIA+ individuals face and the crucial role of friendship and support in the process. This podcast's a platform for open, honest chats about the twists and turns of surrogacy, illuminating both the emotional and practical sides.

As always, Jaimie, my boss and your host, brings guests to the show who stand as a testament to the resilience of LGBTQIA+ individuals, the strength of friendship, and the infinite possibilities of crafting a family on your own terms.

Listen to the full episode Listen Here.

Are you enjoying my episode summaries? Leave a comment so Jaimie lets me continue writing them! Don't tell her but I really do love this here job of mine. Love is love bishes!

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